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Rhubarb Trading!

It's time for our annual rhubarb trading! Do you have rhubarb growing out of control in your yard? Bring your rhubarb to our Midtown Test Kitchen and get ice cream coupons in exchange!

Tues, June 9th, 4-6p

Wed, June 10th, 4-6p

Tues, June 16th, 4-6p

10lbs for 1 pint coupon,

4 lbs for 1 cone card

Last year's average trade was for ~12 pounds, but we have many people bring in just 4 lbs and have also received up to 100 lbs!

Rhubarb must be:

  • Mostly red/pink (we have found this works better for our ice cream purposes)

  • Trimmed of leaves

We recommend harvesting as close to 'trading time' as possible. Bring your rhubarb in a large garbage bag. We will weigh it on a table in front of our Test Kitchen door (look for signs! You will not need to enter the Scoop Shop door).

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept rhubarb during the stated timeframes at this point. Please wear mask for the trade.

We wash and sanitize all rhubarb before using.

If we have the ability to trade for more rhubarb in another month for the 2nd harvest, we will post about it!


Nicholas Shaffer
Nicholas Shaffer
Jul 11

Yep, you heard me right, it’s a vegetable, even though it is most commonly cooked in desserts dinosaur game. The raw texture is similar to celery, but it becomes soft and jammy when cooked. 


davenport kim
davenport kim
Jun 05

In my back garden grow a lot of rhubarb plants. I'll bring it in and exchange it for ice cream coupons. A great deal. flappy bird


Jerry Sparkman
Jerry Sparkman
May 27

When are you trading Rhubarb this year, I also have a large berry garden if you want to trade for those

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