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New Look for Pint Containers!

Wild Scoops regulars may have noticed a new bright blue in our pint freezer -- these are our new pint containers!

Wild Scoops new pints
Wild blue with our rainbow splash!

This has been a project we've been working on (/procrastinating) for over two years, and we're so thrilled to be able to unveil this first iteration of the new look to you. Thanks to Michael of local graphic design agency Mad Dog Graphx for the design work and impeccable eye for details!

Why the change? Here are our biggest 5 reasons:

     1) In our Test Kitchen, we used to spend a lot of time stickering our blank brown pints by hand -- there were stickers and stickers on stickers, 3 total before the 'best by' one! With the new pints, it's just one little flavor sticker because the rest is pre-printed. This means we can spend more time doing the kitchen stuff we do best (like actually making ice cream and baking tasty things)!

     2) The flavor label will be on the front now (rather than top), so if people take off the lid off multiple ice cream pints to serve an assortment of flavors (hello, ice cream tasting party!), it will still be clear what ice cream is in what container as you shuffle pints around!

     3) We have space reserved on the back where ingredient labels will appear on our most common flavors that are sold through wholesale partners for better allergen information-sharing across Alaska.

     4) Our former pints were delightful in their simplicity, but we love the increased story-telling capacity of these new ones -- there's space on the side for a little blurb about us and our manufacturing, plus a website link.

     5) As we enter our 10th summer, this is just an overall refresh and boost to our look!

You'll be pleased to know that the new pints are still eco-friendly, made from 35% post-consumer recycled fiber. And they are still just as fun to repurpose into seed-starting containers as we enter the spring!


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