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April 2024 Club Flavors

Bear Valley Brownie

White chocolate base + AK barley brownies + raspberry jam

This enticing flavor was developed by our Production Manager, Jacob. He said:

“Bear Valley Brownie combines some amazing flavors and products from Alaska. The local barley flour adds a nutty richness to the brownies, while the tangy raspberries help cut through the sweetness of the white chocolate base! Last year we transitioned our chocolate ice cream to use melted fair-trade chocolate, and it occurred to us that we didn’t have to stop at dark chocolate! That realization is what inspired me to create a white chocolate ice cream. While the white chocolate may remind us of snow, the raspberry jam reminds us of the summer to come. Berry picking in the Chugach mountains has been a favorite pastime of mine since moving to Alaska, and I love that we can create this flavor with its namesake coming from my first ever berry-picking spot! 

While this flavor was in production, a happy little accident occurred. One batch was accidentally made with our gluten-free brownies rather than our AK barley flour brownies. While brainstorming what to do with this batch, we realized this was an opportunity not a problem! We know that some members of the Adventure Club have gluten sensitivities or allergies, and we are happy that they can still participate in this flavor! We have a limited number of these gluten-free pints available and set aside, so if you are someone who would prefer the gluten-free option, please ask one of our scoopers while picking up your pints! Both versions are equally delicious, and we are glad to have them both available for you to try!”

Allergens in standard version: milk, wheat

Allergens in GF variation: milk, soy

Spring is Kheer

Rose cardamom base + candied pistachios

This flavor was developed by Anastasia, a past member of the Test Kitchen team. Here’s what she wrote:

“This flavor is based off of one of my favorite Indian desserts, kheer, which is a rice-based pudding that is flavored with various warming spices and nuts. Although I tinkered with the idea of developing a sticky rice ice cream base to be more authentically Kheer-like, I settled on keeping it fairly simple and focusing on highlighting fun textures and flavors! This flavor is all about balance. Rose water is delicate, but it can be very strong if it doesn’t have other flavors to ground it. The cardamom brings in warmth, and the glazed pistachios add a bit of a salty, buttery, bite to the flavor, cutting through the sweetness of the ice cream. Rose water has proved to be one ingredient I hope to never work with again (I am traumatized by all the trials I did trying to get it right!), but my hopes are that this flavor takes you on a journey of fresh and comforting flavors!”

Allergens: egg, milk, pistachios

Bonus: Brazilian Limeade Pop

Is it close enough to summer for popsicles yet?! This treat comes to you from the R&D portfolio of Sam, Baking Coordinator, and we hope it gets you into a summery mood! Here’s Sam’s take on it:

“Brazilian limeade is a refreshing beverage made with whole limes blended with sweetened condensed milk. It is tart, creamy, sweet, and a little bitter. For my first trial of this recipe I tried recreating the drink exactly by blending whole limes with sweetened condensed milk and the popsicle base. This version ended up being much too bitter from the pith of the lime. For my second try, I zested and juiced the limes and used that to flavor the popsicles, creating a pop that had just a touch of bitterness to it but wasn't overwhelming. I hope you can experience a bit of the summery taste of Brazilian limeade with these pops!”

Allergens: Milk

Sam with Brazilian limeade mini-pops


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