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Ice Cream Adventure Club

2024 Season update:

The Club is full for the season. There is a possibility that a few spots might open up in the coming months, but not many. We will first email the Club members in January. THANK YOU to everyone who filled out the pre-registration; we had over 400 people do so! **

The Details

When: Jan-May, 2024


What you get: Each month, you’ll get two premium never-before-seen pints of Alaska’s finest homemade ice cream! We'll also have bonus treats, edible and non-edible surprises, Q&A opportunities, and more.  Everything will be loaded with local ingredients with a story to tell.

When & Where: Each month, we will have a special "pick-up week" from the Midtown Scoop Shop, 12-9p.

Cost/nitty-gritty, etc: Memberships are $125 for the full season (5 different pick-up bundles, one a month from Jan-May 2022)

2024 pick-up weeks are Tues-Sun, beginning on Tuesdays shown:

Jan. 9, Feb. 6, Mar. 5, April 11, May 7

We will email flavor info the Sunday before!



* Blessed Stout (Sweet cream infused with Anchorage Brewing Company bourbon barrel aged imperial stout)

* Rock on the Wild Side (Rich chocolate base + AK barley flour walnut brownies + mini marshmallows)

* BONUS: Crabapple sorbet



* Honey Bunch (Corn flake milk base + honey almond granola clusters)

* Mesquite-o Tracks (Mesquite smoke base + birch chipotle nuts)

* BONUS: Red velvet cake sandwich bar with cream cheese ice cream



* Golden Hour (Coconut milk base infused with golden milk spices from Summit Spice & Tea) [vegan]

* Paddington Bear (Great Harvest honey whole wheat bread base + orange marmalade)

* BONUS: Red currant rosemary pop



* Peanut Butter Truffle Shuffle (Chocolate peanut butter oat milk base + peanut butter flecks) [vegan]

* Tundra Tamale (Sweet corn base + smokey cayenne fudge sauce + golden raisins)

* BONUS: Apricot chamomile sorbet



* Rhubarb Almond Cookie (Almond base + rhubarb jam + Downtown Hope Center almond cookies)

* Grape Nuts (Sweet cream base + classic Grape-Nuts cereal)

* BONUS: S'mores Crispy Bar (Golden Grahams & crispy rice bars + toasted marshmallow ice cream with chocolate freckles + chocolate drizzle + tiny crunchy marshmallows)



* Sage Wisdom (Fresh sage base + pistachio basbousa [semolina cake])

* Snow Day (Peppermint base + mini marshmallows + white chocolate krispies clusters)

* BONUS: Arnold Palmer Pop (Iced tea and lemonade popsicle)



* Prinsesstårta (Custard base + vanilla sponge cake + green marzipan + raspberry jam)

* Bobachi (Milk tea base + condensed milk caramel + brown sugar mochi "boba")

* BONUS: Peter Rabbit's Day Off (Carrot sorbet made with a splash of orange juice + smoked paprika)



* Pilot Bread & Butter (Sweet cream + butterscotch sauce + chocolate-covered pilot bread toffee)

* Orchard Herbanero (Basil orange olive oil base + habanero apricot peach jam)

* BONUS: Chocolate pound cake sandwich bar with cardamom-spiced coffee ice cream



* Maple Chai Blondie (Maple base + chewy chai-spiced blondies)

* Buko Pandan (Pandan base + macapuno [natural coconut jelly strings])

* BONUS: POG (passionfruit orange guava) sorbet



* Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Sweet cream + flaky pie crust pieces + strawberry-rhubarb jam)

* Blueberry Skies (Creamy lemon base + blueberry curd)

* BONUS: Raspberry lemonade popsicle



* Samovar Tea (House blend from The Kobuk)

* Razz-Ling Cheesecake (Cream cheese base + AK lingonberry-raspberry jam + graham crust)

* BONUS: Russian Tea Cookies


* Mango Malasada (Sweet cream + Wiki Wiki malasadas + mango jam)

* Date with Destiny (Medjool date base + tangy tamarind caramel)

* BONUS: Saril Sorbet (Jamaican sorrel)


* The Good Life (Indonesian vanilla bean + Familia barleywine caramel + oatmeal-coconut toffee clusters)

* Cherry Chocolate Chunk

* BONUS: Virtual Test Kitchen Tour


* Second to Naan (Almond base + cherry cardamom jam + naan croutons)

* Kit Katmai (Chocolate base + Kit Kat pieces + peanut butter fudge sauce)

* BONUS: UK Classic (Lavender shortbread cookies + English Breakfast Tea ice cream)


* Chilkoot Trail Mix (Peanut butter base + raisin jam + pretzel-nut toffee + mini M&M's)

* The Perfect Pear (Pear base + dark chocolate flecks)

* BONUS: Mango Chamoy pops



* Fluffernutter & Friends (Peanut butter base + oatmeal cookies + marshmallow fluff)

* Dark Chocolate Orange

* BONUS: Spruce Tip Tea Pop


* Lychee Mochi

* Butterscotch Blondie

* BONUS: Rhubarb sorbet


* Ube + Toasted Coconut

* Churros con Chocolate

* BONUS: Salmonberry Pop


* Brrrklava (Rose-honey base + phyllo chips + toasted walnuts)

* Strawberry Honey Balsamic + White Chocolate

* BONUS: Ice-cream-stuffed Oreo sandwich


* Banillatella (Banana base + Nilla wafers + Nutella ganache)

* Key Lime Pie 

* BONUS: Cucumber Lime Mint sorbet



* Buttermilk + Honey Cornbread Gravel

* The Cosmos (Chocolate and coconut ash + homemade blue marshmallow fluff + dark chocolate pop rock bark)

* Bonus: Grapefruit Sorbet

(read more about them)


* Sweet Papa (Sweet potato + homemade graham crackers + chocolate flecks)

* Corn to be Wild (Corn + Voo Doo Jam's peach moonshine jam)

* Bonus: Sweet Tea Pop

(read more about them)


* Prudhoe Pretzel (Girdwood Brewing Stout + kahlua fudge + pretzel toffee)

* Olive Oil Lemon (with Oil & Vinegar's Puglia EVOO)

* Bonus: Figlet (Baby cone with fig ice cream + homemade chocolate shell + candied orange)


* Siren Song (Port Chilkoot Distillery Absinthe + almond-fennel biscotti)

* Night Diver (Black sesame base + furikake shortbread with Barnacle Foods' kelp)

* Bonus: Snow-capped Fudgesicle


* Cinnamon Toast Munch (Sweet cream + Great Harvest cinnamon bread + cinnamon white choc. ganache)

* Summer Citrus Float (Lime + orange zest + Denali Distillery orange bitters)

* Bonus: Spicy Tamarind Freezie Pop

2018 Recap:


* Rosemary Birch Walnut 

* Ginger Golden Milk + Coconut Cardamom Cookies

* Bonus: Dark Chocolate sorbet taster + espresso chocolate wedge


* Kaffir Lime Leaf + Sweet Rice Cake

* Bonjour, Bostock (w/Fire Island challah)

* Bonus: Choco Taco


* Summer Flame: Fireweed & Szechuan Pepper 

* Island Vibes: Sweet cream + VooDoo Jams' Pau Hana + toasted Hummingbird Cake

* Bonus: Avocado Pop


* Bruschetta Believe It: Sweet cream + Fromaggio's Parmigiano Reggiano + Homemade Tomato Jam

* Moose's Tooth Root Beer

* Bonus: Mushroom Meringue Sandwich (with Far North Fungi chaga)


* This Pretty Planet (Vanilla Butterfly Pea Flower + Matcha Almond Cookies)

* Smoky Tea + Orange Caramel

* Bonus: Banana Pop

2017 Recap:


* January Sun: AK Cranberry Orange Curd + Polenta Cake

* Goat Cheese + Fig

* Bonus: Borealis Bar (shimmery vanilla-chocolate-coconut pop)


* Open Sesame (toasted sesame + homemade sesame crunchy candy)

* Banana Peanut Butter Cup

* Bonus: Global Tea Sandwich (McVities + Summit Spice & Tea Capetown Rooibos)


* Holy Mole (Ancho, guajillo, pasilla chili peppers + Chugach Chocolate bits)

* Orange You Glad It's Spring (fresh orange zest + South carrot cake + homemade cream cheese frosting)

* Bonus: Wildberry Kombucha Sorbet (AK blueberries + AK cranberries + ZIP Kombucha)


* The Haiku (Toasted brown rice + miso caramel swirl)

* Alaska Honeycomb (with Gabel Family Honey)

* Bonus: Cherry Blossom Mochi Moons


* Seriously S'mores (Dark chocolate + AK alder sea salt homemade toasted marshmallow fluff + graham crackers)

* Sour Cream Coffee Cake (Sour cream ice cream + AK wildberry jam + coffee cake crumbles

* Bonus: Summer Fun Bites (Rice Krispies treat ice cream sandwiches + chocolate + sprinkles)

2016 Recap:

We had a great first season! Here were the flavors:


* Yukon Gold: Potato Chip Toffee + Fudge *

* Winterberry Balsamic *

* Bonus: Cinnamon Ice Cream Pop *



* De Los Muertos: Resolution Brewing Stout + Spicy Chocolate Bits

* Red Currant + Walnut Shortbread *

* Bonus: Rose Ice Cream With Black Pepper Cinnamon Cookies*



* Musher's Mocha: Mocha + chocolate-covered espresso beans + cacao nibs *

* Alaskan Carrot With Candied Pecans *

* Bonus: Guinness Brownie Bite *



* Sleeping Lady: Earl Grey With Dark Cherry Swirl *

* Popcorn Ice Cream With AK Sea Salted Caramel & Peanuts

* Bonus: Matzah Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich *



* Basil + Olive Oil Lemon Shortbread *

* Roasted Barley + Dark Chocolate Flecks *

* Bonus: Mint Mojito Sorbet *


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