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Ice Cream Adventure Club

2024 Season update:

If you're a member, we will email you the Sunday before pick-up weeks (see below) with stories about each flavor! If you don't get that email, check your spam or trash for emails from or read the latest on our blog.

Members of THE VOYAGE beta program -- We are so happy to have you! Look for emails from info@wildscoops the Sunday before each pickup week begins. The pickup weeks begin on: Jan. 23, Feb 20, March 19, April 23 and May 14. If you don't get that email, check your spam or trash for emails from or read the latest on our blog.


When: Jan-May, 2024


What you get: Each month, you’ll get two premium never-before-seen pints of Alaska’s finest homemade ice cream! We'll also have bonus treats, edible and non-edible surprises, Q&A opportunities, and more.  Everything will be loaded with local ingredients with a story to tell.

When & Where: Each month, we will have a special "pick-up week" from the Midtown Scoop Shop, 12-9p.

2024 pick-up weeks are Tues-Sun, beginning on Tuesdays shown:

Jan. 9, Feb. 6, Mar. 5, April 9, May 7

We will email flavor info the Sunday before!



* Hazelnut Stracciatella

* Peachy Peppercorn (black pepper base + peach bourbon jam)

* BONUS: Sweet Tea sorbet


* Banoffee Pie (Fresh banana base + Biscoff cookies + salted caramel)

* Morning Milo (Made with the iconic chocolate malt beverage mix)

*BONUS: Strawberry Matcha crispy cereal treat sammie


* Snickers Salad

* Blood Orange Creamsicle

* BONUS: Gochujang sugar cookies + Toasted Milk ice cream sammie



* Blessed Stout (Sweet cream infused with Anchorage Brewing Company bourbon barrel aged imperial stout)

* Rock on the Wild Side (Rich chocolate base + AK barley flour walnut brownies + mini marshmallows)

* BONUS: Crabapple sorbet



* Honey Bunch (Corn flake milk base + honey almond granola clusters)

* Mesquite-o Tracks (Mesquite smoke base + birch chipotle nuts)

* BONUS: Red velvet cake sandwich bar with cream cheese ice cream



* Golden Hour (Coconut milk base infused with golden milk spices from Summit Spice & Tea) [vegan]

* Paddington Bear (Great Harvest honey whole wheat bread base + orange marmalade)

* BONUS: Red currant rosemary pop



* Peanut Butter Truffle Shuffle (Chocolate peanut butter oat milk base + peanut butter flecks) [vegan]

* Tundra Tamale (Sweet corn base + smokey cayenne fudge sauce + golden raisins)

* BONUS: Apricot chamomile sorbet



* Rhubarb Almond Cookie (Almond base + rhubarb jam + Downtown Hope Center almond cookies)

* Grape Nuts (Sweet cream base + classic Grape-Nuts cereal)

* BONUS: S'mores Crispy Bar (Golden Grahams & crispy rice bars + toasted marshmallow ice cream with chocolate freckles + chocolate drizzle + tiny crunchy marshmallows)



* Sage Wisdom (Fresh sage base + pistachio basbousa [semolina cake])

* Snow Day (Peppermint base + mini marshmallows + white chocolate krispies clusters)

* BONUS: Arnold Palmer Pop (Iced tea and lemonade popsicle)



* Prinsesstårta (Custard base + vanilla sponge cake + green marzipan + raspberry jam)

* Bobachi (Milk tea base + condensed milk caramel + brown sugar mochi "boba")

* BONUS: Peter Rabbit's Day Off (Carrot sorbet made with a splash of orange juice + smoked paprika)



* Pilot Bread & Butter (Sweet cream + butterscotch sauce + chocolate-covered pilot bread toffee)

* Orchard Herbanero (Basil orange olive oil base + habanero apricot peach jam)

* BONUS: Chocolate pound cake sandwich bar with cardamom-spiced coffee ice cream



* Maple Chai Blondie (Maple base + chewy chai-spiced blondies)

* Buko Pandan (Pandan base + macapuno [natural coconut jelly strings])

* BONUS: POG (passionfruit orange guava) sorbet



* Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Sweet cream + flaky pie crust pieces + strawberry-rhubarb jam)

* Blueberry Skies (Creamy lemon base + blueberry curd)

* BONUS: Raspberry lemonade popsicle



* Samovar Tea (House blend from The Kobuk)

* Razz-Ling Cheesecake (Cream cheese base + AK lingonberry-raspberry jam + graham crust)

* BONUS: Russian Tea Cookies


* Mango Malasada (Sweet cream + Wiki Wiki malasadas + mango jam)

* Date with Destiny (Medjool date base + tangy tamarind caramel)

* BONUS: Saril Sorbet (Jamaican sorrel)


* The Good Life (Indonesian vanilla bean + Familia barleywine caramel + oatmeal-coconut toffee clusters)

* Cherry Chocolate Chunk

* BONUS: Virtual Test Kitchen Tour


* Second to Naan (Almond base + cherry cardamom jam + naan croutons)

* Kit Katmai (Chocolate base + Kit Kat pieces + peanut butter fudge sauce)

* BONUS: UK Classic (Lavender shortbread cookies + English Breakfast Tea ice cream)


* Chilkoot Trail Mix (Peanut butter base + raisin jam + pretzel-nut toffee + mini M&M's)

* The Perfect Pear (Pear base + dark chocolate flecks)

* BONUS: Mango Chamoy pops



* Fluffernutter & Friends (Peanut butter base + oatmeal cookies + marshmallow fluff)

* Dark Chocolate Orange

* BONUS: Spruce Tip Tea Pop


* Lychee Mochi

* Butterscotch Blondie

* BONUS: Rhubarb sorbet


* Ube + Toasted Coconut

* Churros con Chocolate

* BONUS: Salmonberry Pop


* Brrrklava (Rose-honey base + phyllo chips + toasted walnuts)

* Strawberry Honey Balsamic + White Chocolate

* BONUS: Ice-cream-stuffed Oreo sandwich


* Banillatella (Banana base + Nilla wafers + Nutella ganache)

* Key Lime Pie 

* BONUS: Cucumber Lime Mint sorbet



* Buttermilk + Honey Cornbread Gravel

* The Cosmos (Chocolate and coconut ash + homemade blue marshmallow fluff + dark chocolate pop rock bark)

* Bonus: Grapefruit Sorbet


* Sweet Papa (Sweet potato + homemade graham crackers + chocolate flecks)

* Corn to be Wild (Corn + Voo Doo Jam's peach moonshine jam)

* Bonus: Sweet Tea Pop


* Prudhoe Pretzel (Girdwood Brewing Stout + kahlua fudge + pretzel toffee)

* Olive Oil Lemon (with Oil & Vinegar's Puglia EVOO)

* Bonus: Figlet (Baby cone with fig ice cream + homemade chocolate shell + candied orange)


* Siren Song (Port Chilkoot Distillery Absinthe + almond-fennel biscotti)

* Night Diver (Black sesame base + furikake shortbread with Barnacle Foods' kelp)

* Bonus: Snow-capped Fudgesicle


* Cinnamon Toast Munch (Sweet cream + Great Harvest cinnamon bread + cinnamon white choc. ganache)

* Summer Citrus Float (Lime + orange zest + Denali Distillery orange bitters)

* Bonus: Spicy Tamarind Freezie Pop



* Rosemary Birch Walnut 

* Ginger Golden Milk + Coconut Cardamom Cookies

* Bonus: Dark Chocolate sorbet taster + espresso chocolate wedge


* Kaffir Lime Leaf + Sweet Rice Cake

* Bonjour, Bostock (w/Fire Island challah)

* Bonus: Choco Taco


* Summer Flame: Fireweed & Szechuan Pepper 

* Island Vibes: Sweet cream + VooDoo Jams' Pau Hana + toasted Hummingbird Cake

* Bonus: Avocado Pop


* Bruschetta Believe It: Sweet cream + Fromaggio's Parmigiano Reggiano + Homemade Tomato Jam

* Moose's Tooth Root Beer

* Bonus: Mushroom Meringue Sandwich (with Far North Fungi chaga)


* This Pretty Planet (Vanilla Butterfly Pea Flower + Matcha Almond Cookies)

* Smoky Tea + Orange Caramel

* Bonus: Banana Pop



* January Sun: AK Cranberry Orange Curd + Polenta Cake

* Goat Cheese + Fig

* Bonus: Borealis Bar (shimmery vanilla-chocolate-coconut pop)


* Open Sesame (toasted sesame + homemade sesame crunchy candy)

* Banana Peanut Butter Cup

* Bonus: Global Tea Sandwich (McVities + Summit Spice & Tea Capetown Rooibos)


* Holy Mole (Ancho, guajillo, pasilla chili peppers + Chugach Chocolate bits)

* Orange You Glad It's Spring (fresh orange zest + South carrot cake + homemade cream cheese frosting)

* Bonus: Wildberry Kombucha Sorbet (AK blueberries + AK cranberries + ZIP Kombucha)


* The Haiku (Toasted brown rice + miso caramel swirl)

* Alaska Honeycomb (with Gabel Family Honey)

* Bonus: Cherry Blossom Mochi Moons


* Seriously S'mores (Dark chocolate + AK alder sea salt homemade toasted marshmallow fluff + graham crackers)

* Sour Cream Coffee Cake (Sour cream ice cream + AK wildberry jam + coffee cake crumbles

* Bonus: Summer Fun Bites (Rice Krispies treat ice cream sandwiches + chocolate + sprinkles)


We had a great first season! Here were the flavors:


* Yukon Gold: Potato Chip Toffee + Fudge *

* Winterberry Balsamic *

* Bonus: Cinnamon Ice Cream Pop *



* De Los Muertos: Resolution Brewing Stout + Spicy Chocolate Bits

* Red Currant + Walnut Shortbread *

* Bonus: Rose Ice Cream With Black Pepper Cinnamon Cookies*



* Musher's Mocha: Mocha + chocolate-covered espresso beans + cacao nibs *

* Alaskan Carrot With Candied Pecans *

* Bonus: Guinness Brownie Bite *



* Sleeping Lady: Earl Grey With Dark Cherry Swirl *

* Popcorn Ice Cream With AK Sea Salted Caramel & Peanuts

* Bonus: Matzah Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich *



* Basil + Olive Oil Lemon Shortbread *

* Roasted Barley + Dark Chocolate Flecks *

* Bonus: Mint Mojito Sorbet *


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