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indie alaska.png
Is the best ice cream in the alaska?!

by Valerie Kern and Matt Faubion   August 2020

Indie Alaska [WATCH MOVIE]


best alaska ice cream
Anchorage ice cream
Food in the last Frontier

by Susan Sommer     September 2017


What to eat in Alaska [READ MORE]


Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild Scoops Alaskan ice cream
36 Hours in Anchorage

By Christopher Solomon      Aug, 2017


Anchorage rarely gets hot — the average high temperature in August is 64 degrees. But that is warm enough for ice cream. Drop by Wild Scoops, where Elissa Brown serves up her small-batch ice cream. [READ MORE]


Wild Scoops Alaskan ice cream
How wild scoops went from Farmers Market darling to downtown destination

By Suzanna Caldwell      Aug, 2017


When Elissa Brown, owner of Wild Scoops Handcrafted Alaskan Ice Cream, moved to Alaska in 2014, her life was changing, but ice cream kept her balanced. [READ MORE]


Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild Scoops Alaskan ice cream
From Tree to Cream

By Daysha Eaton      May, 2017


The chartreuse leaves of the birch tree are one of the first signs of spring in Southcentral Alaska. But for a few weeks before the leaves unfurl the trees offer a sweet treat –a watery liquid that when tapped and boiled down turns into a rich, nutty syrup. Birch syrup is becoming a favorite flavor in the state’s budding local food scene. [READ MORE]


Wild Scoops Alaskan ice cream
Fairview's Foodie Lot

By Suzanna Caldwell     April, 2017


Tucked in the heart of Fairview is a strip mall with serious foodie flair.

Wild Scoops Homemade Alaskan Ice Cream, Alaska Pasta Company and Alaska Sprouts have set up production in the same building on the corner of 15th Avenue and Gambell Street. [READ MORE]


Wild scoops da vinci
Top 10 Dishes our Food Critics Ate in 2016

By Riza Brown, Mara Severin       Dec, 2016

...One of the best things I ate this year was her chocolate chip and sea salt cookie sandwich lavished with rich vanilla ice cream ($5-$6.99). It's something I could eat every day, interspersed with her more exotic flavors: spruce tip, coconut red currant, basil honey walnut, gin and tonic 




Wild scoops da vinci
The Da Vinci of Ice Cream

By Bailey Berg       August, 2016

Elissa Brown's cookbook is a mess.

Not because it's blemished with ingredients, but because it's really more a scientific logbook than step-by-step instructions. Her pages read more like mad scientist scribbles—many of the recipes have annotations, percentages for various trials, equations and notes about controlling the variables in her experiments. [READ MORE]


Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild scoops SBDC
Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild scoops redoubt's revenge
Wild Scoops: Every Scoop has a Story

Gretchen Loves Anchorage    February, 2016


If you don’t like ice cream, don’t read this. If you DO like ice cream, especially locally made ice cream and inventive favors, then dig in: Wild Scoops has arrived.


Wild Scoops – a new ice creamery in town – says that they believe that “ice cream should be more than just ice cream. It should be a chance to build community and to share in good times. It should inspire; it should delight.”


And does it ever. [READ MORE]


best beer ice cream
Dr. Fermento: "A Scoop of Beer"

Anchorage Press     March, 2016


...“There are challenges when infusing beer with ice cream. Like making beer, making ice cream is a big chemistry experiment. Each thing you add to the mix will have an effect. You really have to work with the beer to make it shine in the ice cream,” says Brown.... [READ MORE]

best alaskan ice cream
2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Anchorage Press     December, 2015


Check out the Foodie section of the 2015 winter holiday gift guide, in the Anchorage Press! [CLOSE UP]

Anchorage ice cream
Luscious Licks

by Nicole Lang     October 30, 2015


Whether it is Glacier Valley strawberries, Bridge Creek birch syrup, Summit Spice tea blends or, a personal favorite of mine, Cookie Batter, Wild Scoops is a little piece of heaven for your taste buds. [READ MORE]


alaskan ice cream
Alaska Bites: Wild Scoops

With Rebecca Palsha      September 30, 2015


In this week's Alaska Bites, a local ice cream shop is mixing up some fun flavors. Who knew Alaskans loved ice cream even in snowy weather![WATCH IT]


Wild Scoops Alaskan ice cream
Wild Scoops Ice Cream: Pearls on a String Flavor

By Lesleigh Frank      September, 2015


Last summer I complained to anyone who would listen about the tragedy of Alaska’s local ice cream scene. It was nonexistent. My idyllic visions of walking the streets of Anchorage with a delicious, locally made ice cream cone in my hand and pushing a stroller with a perfectly behaved child in my other hand were quickly demolished....So, imagine my delight and surprise when someone not only saw the hole in the market but actually did something about it! Wild Scoops Homemade Alaskan Ice Cream recently opened up to create small batches of artisanal ice cream, right in time for the uncharacteristically warm summer we enjoyed. [READ MORE]


Alaskan ice cream
Wild Scoops folds unexpected local flavors into artisanal ice cream

by Kim Sunee       August 13, 2015


Wild Alaskan salmon and halibut have squatting rights in most of our freezers this time of year, but you might want to consider giving up some prime real estate for ice cream made locally by Elissa Brown and Chris Pike. Their brain-freeze child, Wild Scoops, is only a few months young and already has a cult-like following among ice cream lovers in the know.... [READ MORE]

Alaskan ice cream
South Anchorage farmers market for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and drinks and dessert)

by Mara Severin       July 24, 2016


..."Wild Scoops flavors are both comforting and sophisticated — sure to please your inner-child, and, you know, any actual child you might have lying around."... [READ MORE]

Best Alaskan ice cream
New ice cream company features Alaskan ingredients

By Lauren Maxwell       August 3, 2015


When Elissa Brown sees a beet, she doesn’t think savory, she thinks sweet. Alaskan beets are a prime ingredient in her newest ice cream flavor, featuring Alaskan beets and orange.  {READ MORE or watch]


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