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March 2024 Club Flavors

Snickers Salad

Vanilla pudding base + chocolate peanuts + tart apple caramel sauce

Any Midwesterners in the house? This first flavor is for you! This flavor was conceived and developed by Hagen from our Bake Team. Here’s what she had to say:

“I experienced Snickers salad for the first time my freshman year of college. I was far from home and missing my family so of course I accepted when my roommate invited me to a family gathering. When they placed the infamous Snickers salad in front of me I was shocked! It wasn’t a salad at all but a classic Midwest dessert that was in fact a concoction composed of pudding, cool whip, chopped Snickers bars and green apples!

When setting out to create a new ice cream flavor, I knew I wanted to attempt to capture the flavors of the dish that reminded me of finding family and love far from home. Trying to recreate the balance of acidity, salt, and sweetness proved to be more arduous than expected, with several tries at green apple curd before deciding a tart carmel might be better at capturing both the apple and aspects of the Snickers bars. With the chocolate covered peanuts and sweet vanilla pudding base, I hope this flavor both surprises and delights you, the same as it did for me!”

Allergens: milk, peanuts, soy

Blood Orange Creamsicle

This one started out inspired by the orange creamsicle profile, sort of like those orange push pops you might have had as a kid. At Wild Scoops, we’ve made flavors with orange before, but primarily used zests or extracts. For this one, we added orange juice concentrate right to our dairy as a way of maximizing flavor without adding too much extra water content (which can lead to iciness).

We were happy with how it came out (and you might see Orange Creamsicle in the shop in the future), but we happened to have some blood orange juice concentrate as well, and when we did a trial of a blood orange variation, we loved the way it elevated the flavor with a touch of elegance. We added vanilla as well, and the whole effect is super creamy with a muted juiciness. We played around with raspberry marshmallows and fluff as add-ins, but ultimately left it sweet and simple. We hope you love it!

Allergens: milk

Bonus: Ice Cream Sammies: Gochujang sugar cookies + Toasted Milk ice cream

Gochujang ice cream sammies

This bonus was one of our more complex ones, but it was a fun Test Kitchen collaboration between Jacob (Production Manager) and Jeremy (Special Events & Wholesale Coordinator). Here’s what they explained:

“This sammie is made from two flavors that are relatively new to the Wild Scoops Test Kitchen. Gochujang, a fermented paste made from red chili peppers, is a popular Korean condiment that is less common in sweets. The toasted milk ice cream starts with browned butter and then adds milk powder to increase the amount of toasting – this creates the subtly sophisticated caramelized flavor that is found in sweet and savory dishes alike!

Mixing the gochujang cookie dough

We thought that the spiciness of the gochujang paired excellently with the rich sweetness of the brown butter flavor in the toasted milk ice cream. While this may not be the most common pairing, we thought that it was an interesting product to share.

The first trial of gochujang sugar cookies were really gorgeous, and we knew we wanted to share those with you in some form. The inspiration recipe is from New York Times Food’s Eric Kim, and it was an ordeal to scale these up from yielding 8 to yielding 400! Our amazing baking team made the magic happen, though. We think these cookies would be yummy with pumpkin or sweet potato ice cream sandwiched in them in the fall!

Allergens: Egg, milk, soy, wheat

Hagen mixing gochujang caramel paste with sugar cookie dough


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