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April 2024 Voyage Flavors

Coconut Cookie Butter (v)

Coconut Biscoff base + Biscoff cookie pieces

We sourced some giant bags of Biscoff cookies to recreate a beloved cookie butter flavor of ours from about 6 years ago. You might know Lotus Biscoff cookies as either an airline snack or a spreadable cookie butter treat. When we realized that the cookies were vegan, it seemed too amazing to not make a dairy-free flavor out of them! We were interested in trying this in both our oat milk base as well as our coconut base, but when Production Lead Morgen adapted our dairy recipe to work with coconut milk, we fell in love with it! The cookies blend perfectly into the base in a delightfully creamy way, and then we sprinkle in more cookies after churning for a bit of soft texture. 

Allergens: coconut, soy, wheat

BONUS: Cinnamon Switchback sandwich

Almond sesame cookie + cinnamon oat milk filling

Well, you definitely need to give yourselves a pat on the back for this ice cream sandwich since it came from our club survey a few months ago! We had the almond cookie ready to go, based on one from a favorite vegan cookbook, Veganomicon. Originally, our kitchen had been leaning toward filling it with raspberry, matcha or mango, but then we threw cinnamon as a survey option at the last moment and it was the top vote-getter for both “Which sounds yummy to you?” and “Which sounds BEST to you?” so we went that route! The almonds pair well with both the cinnamon oat milk vegan ice cream and the touch of sesame oil in the cookies. We added Switchback to the name in honor of the upcoming hiking season and a handful of trail snack almonds you might pop into your mouth on the trail.

Allergens: almond, sesame, wheat


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