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March 2024 Voyage Flavors

Updated: Mar 30

Ube Mochi (v)

Coconut ube base + chewy mochi pieces

We first turned ube into an ice cream flavor several years ago as part of our dairy Adventure Club. Ube is a purple yam from the Philippines, popular in Filipino cuisine (learn more about this tuber). We had a number of members of our kitchen who grew up with this flavor and helped dial it in.

Ube often pairs with coconut, so we thought that our creamy coconut dairy-free base would be a logical base for this flavor. For an add-in, we were inspired by butter mochi, a glutinous Hawaiian dense cake whose ingredients include sweet rice flour and coconut milk, giving it an extra chewy texture. There were a number of recipes floating around for ube butter mochi cake, so we decided to create the same effect using chewy mochi pieces (which typically have yielded better frozen textures than our homemade varieties).

Our Production Lead Morgen whipped up a trial batch of this recipe and the first try was a winner!

Allergens: coconut, wheat (small amounts in the mochi)

Bonus Treat: Raspberry & Cacao sammies (gf/v)

Double chocolate cookies (gf) + raspberry oat milk ‘ice cream’ + chocolate drizzle + cacao nibs

Ooh, these sammies are so classy and thanks to the Voyagers for helping develop them through our survey last month. When we asked which filling sounded yummy for double chocolate chip cookies, the top two vote-getters were Raspberry and Coffee. When we asked which would be your #1 filling choice, the top vote-getters were Vanilla Chocolate Chip (stracciatella), Raspberry, and Coffee. 

We’ve used Coffee for some ice cream sammies recently, so we chose Raspberry for now and we topped the sammies with a chocolate drizzle and cacao nibs for a bit of crunch. We definitely could also see this sammie being successful with vegan Coffee ice cream in the future—stay tuned!

For the cookies, we turned our standard ‘mudwich’ cookie gluten-free to meet the increasing requests for GF ice cream products. The result: one of the most scrumptious baked goods we’ve ever produced! If you know someone who thinks gf/v cookies are never as satisfying as their dairy/gluten-based counterparts, they’ve got to try this wonderful new creation.

Allergens: none


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