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COVID-19 Updates

Starting 3/24, our Midtown Scoop Shop will be offering pre-packaged goods, as take-out only. We have pints, ice cream sandwiches, single-serving cups, freezie pops, some a la carte waffle cones, and a few ice cream pies. We’ll be doing our best to post updated lists online of what’s available -- because ice cream makes hunkering down so much better.

You are also welcome to call our shop (907-744-7295) during open hours (12-9p, Tues-Sun) to place an order, pay for it, and then pick up curbside.

As a small business, we are so grateful for your support - from stocking up on pints, to buying gift cards, to passing along kind words - it means so much! This is an incredibly challenging time for everyone, and we hope that our ice cream can provide a little bit of joy. A shout-out to our amazing staff that are following strict measures to keep everything aggressively sanitized.

Please help us out by remembering:

- If you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick or showing symptoms, please stay home and come visit us when you are better! This goes for our staff too, who are reminded of this constantly and have paid sick leave options.

- Only five customers are allowed in the shop at once, and please remember to keep your distance from others.

- We highly prefer credit/debit/tap over cash.

- At this time, we have paused with our sampling (but our Scoop Team is happy to describe each flavor to you in vivid detail)


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