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Artist Spotlight: Levi Oyster & Sarah Glaser

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

For the months of September and October, we have a duo show up in the Midtown shop with Sarah Glaser and Levi Oyster. Come get inspired through the journey of packrafting with their show!

Sarah and Levi are both born-and-raised Alaskans, Sarah grew up in Moose Pass, while Levi grew up in Anchorage. Both began their love of creating through drawing at a young age and it has expanded from there. Levi began painting at 19, when he was introduced to it through a friend at military tech school, “I used it as a coping skill during my time in the military, now it's become a point of self actualization and exploration of color and composition.”

The show is a collection of pack-rafting inspired pieces, though Sarah and Levi arrived at this destination through different paths.

Sarah had a serious knee injury in early 2020 that left her stuck at home and unable to do her usual job of rope-access welding for many months. Combine all of that with the Covid world and she felt stuck at home, unable to adventure. This allowed for new artistic adventures, including creating art and drawings for The Packraft Handbook, with author Luc Mehl. “Although it was a stark year in many ways, I can honestly say I'm somewhat glad that I got injured because it allowed me to illustrate The Packraft Handbook. If it wasn't for a non-functional knee, I wouldn't have sat still long enough to give the book the attention it deserved. I poured myself into that book, obsessing over the project more than I'd ever obsessed over any art job in my life.” Sarah’s pieces are a combination of digital and acrylic paintings.

Levi created from his various packrafting experiences over the years. He drew from “memories that bonded me and my friends in incalculable ways, through both fear and laughter, terror and tranquility, and just the impressions left from these beautiful landscapes that form when water carves rock.” All of Levi’s pieces are oil on acrylic bases, which is his preferred medium because of the ability to build texture.

One of Sarah’s favorite spots in Alaska is her hometown of Moose Pass and her most recent packrafting trip was the Upper Willow River. Her favorite Wild Scoops flavor is Fireweed, as it takes her back to her childhood of nibbling on fireweed flowers while hiking.

Some of Levi’s favorite spots in Alaska include Turnagain Pass in the winter, The Ramp in the front range of the Chugach, and it has been hard to beat Paradise Pass near Girdwood. His favorite Wild Scoops flavor is Banana Peanut Butter Cup in a waffle cone.

You can find more of their work on their social media profiles:

Instagram:@glacier_lines Facebook: @glacierlines


If you are interested in purchasing any of Sarah’s pieces, email her at and head to her website to purchase prints!

If you are interested in purchasing any of Levi’s pieces, email him at or call at 907-229-6109.


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