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Artist Spotlight: Lauren Roberts

We are excited to welcome Lauren of Pom Pom Print, to our art wall this month. She is a long-time Alaska, having lived here for almost 17 years. Her art is sure to make you smile and get excited for summer! She really took on the essence of the ice cream experience through her “I Scream” collection.

The military brought Lauren’s family to Alaska in 2005, though, since then, the rest of her family has moved away. In addition to copious amounts of “pomming,” Lauren is also a full time photographer and videographer.

Color and whimsy always inspire her work for Pom Pom Print. “When I was approached about the opportunity at Wild Scoops, I was excited to play off the cheerfulness of ice cream for this collection! I wanted to bring that vibrance through in the color palette, much of which is yellows, pinks, and blues - sort of traditional ice cream/candy shop colors. I also made some of the pom poms to look like little scoops of ice cream by mounting them onto tiny cones!”

All of the pom poms are made from various types of yarn. “Some of them are mounted to silicone ice cream cones. The “Moody Little Gurls” are all original sharpie drawings mounted to patterned backgrounds.” This collection is made up of at least 500 pom poms in this collection and she makes “every single one by hand, wrapping all the yarn and trimming them down to size.”

Lauren started Pom Pom Print amidst the Covid pandemic, in late 2020. “Because my typical work rhythms changed so much and we (as a community) weren't socializing as much, I had an abundance of free time,” she explained. “So I turned to crafting to fill the void. And then my little entrepreneurial brain took over and voila! Pom Pom Print was born.”

Some of Lauren’s favorite things include Gilmore Girls, cooking for other people, the color pink and chicken wings. Her favorite Wild Scoops flavor is Sunshine Club.


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