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Artist Spotlight: Gail Cartwright

We are so excited to welcome Gail Cartwright and her art to our Midtown Scoop Shop for the month of April! Gail is a lifelong Alaskan who was born and raised in Anchorage. The month’s art display is a diverse collection of her abstract paintings on canvas, made using a variety of mediums.

Gail has been creating art for about a year and a half and it all started when she went on an art retreat in Hawaii with her sister-in-law. That is where she got hooked on creating art and she hasn’t stopped since. Twelve of the pieces in this collection are from her time at the retreat and the rest were created after returning home.

Gail used a wide variety of mediums in this collection, including acrylics, collage, inks, crayons, pencils, and modeling pastes. She describes her process as “entering a flow state and letting my intuition guide me.” As a result, the outcome is always a surprise!

“I infuse my paintings with love,” Gail says. “I often begin by writing inspirational words or phrases on the first layer. This serves as an intention for me as the artist as well as for the viewer.”

Gail has been a longtime fan of Wild Scoops and some of her favorite flavors include AK Honeycomb, Redoubt’s Revenge, and Sitka Swirl.

You can check out more of her work at and if you would like to purchase a piece you can email her at


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