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Artist Spotlight: Julie Greene-Graham

This month we welcome Julie Greene-Graham to our Midtown art wall! She has a unique display that showcases the seasons of Alaska through the view of a bike wheel. We hope you will be able to stop by and see it in person and read along for more information on her art and inspiration.

Julie has lived in Alaska for 38 years, after arriving right out of college with her fiance who was born and raised in Anchorage. She was a teacher for 34 years while raising four daughters through many outdoor adventures. She now has a new title of “Mema” to 3 delightful grand babies.

This show is titled Cycle through the Seasons, and is about adventure, biking and friends. Julie explained that she took up fat tire biking after recovering from a bad ankle break, when she couldn’t ski or walk much, but could ride a bike. She said, “I started designing these bike wheels thinking about what we see through the wheels of the bike, the views from the trail and the inspiration of the outdoors.” As she has been exploring her artistic side, she has received much encouragement from her family and friends and it has led her to continue hiking, biking and skiing in Alaska.

This collection consists of original paintings of alcohol ink painted on Nara paper. “My daughter designed the wheel graphic that I embedded on the scanned original. The prints are on smooth matte paper using archival inks. Next, I prep birch board discs and adhere the prints to the boards. Finally, I apply art resin to the boards.” We think it’s a gorgeous look and can’t wait for you to see it!

Julie’s favorite Wild Scoops flavor is White Raven! If you are interested in purchasing any of her work, you can contact her at Her work will be up for the month of September, so be sure to stop by and check it out while enjoying a scoop of White Raven.


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