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January Adventure Club

The 2020 Adventure Club is off to a rollicking start! Here were the first two flavors:

Fluffernutter & Friends

This was one of the very first Adventure Club flavors we dreamed up, and we are so excited to share it with you. We start with a salted peanut butter ice cream base, super rich and creamy. We throw in chunks of homemade oatmeal cookies and dollop in our homemade marshmallow fluff. This flavor is a tribute to nostalgic snacks like fluffernutter sandwiches (PB + fluff) and oatmeal cookies, both of which dance on that line between wholesome and decadent.

Double Chocolate Orange

You know those lucky oranges made from chocolate that you crack open and eat in segments? We tried to channel those in this elegant flavor. The base is a rich chocolate-orange ice cream made with melted semisweet and unsweetened chocolate. We add shards of homemade dark chocolate bark to mimic the broken orange wedges and provide a perfect little texture to each spoonful. Eat for good luck!

Bonus: Spruce Tip Tea Pop

Spruce tips appear during a narrow window each year, right when the trees are putting out their tender new growth. The young tips are soft and delicate, with flavor notes of citrus, flowers, resin, or a walk in the forest! We source our spruce tips from community pickers in Gustavus, AK and make a spruce tip ice cream every year, but this is our first time making a non-dairy treat with them. Spruce tips are exceptionally high in Vitamin C, and spruce tip tea can be used to ease sore throats or coughs -- so we figured this Spruce Tip Tea pop was perfect for keeping you healthy at this time of year! The only ingredients are water, spruce tips, honey, and touch of fresh orange zest.

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