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Employee Spotlight: Meneka Thiru, Community Liason

Our second installment in our Employee Spotlight series features Meneka, our Community Liason! She's been a vital part of the Wild Scoops family for the last year, and we couldn't throw a party or stock our wholesale accounts without her.

What’s the most exciting thing about working for an ice cream company?

It is thrilling getting to see something go from a cool idea to becoming a delicious treat being enjoyed by a customer! Lots of trials, errors, and tweaking go into the process along the way, but it's always worth it when someone loves something new that we've made.

What’s your role/what does your typical day at work look like?

I wear several hats at Wild Scoops, so my days are always changing which keeps things exciting! One of my roles is the community liaison which means that I get to plan for Wild Scoops to participate in fun events in the community. I love doing that because I get to share our ice cream with people who haven't had it before and I get to know other cool businesses and organizations doing great things in the community!

What’s your favorite flavor at Wild Scoops?

My favorite flavor at Wild Scoops is the Haiku - it's a toasted rice base with a miso caramel. I love the savory notes, the toastiness of the base, and the salty umami of the caramel. It's a wonderfully comforting flavor (I used to devour plain rice as a kid) while also an unexpected combination.

When I’m not making/serving ice cream, I’m…

When I'm not making/serving ice cream, I like to be outside with friends! Walking, running, skiing, biking, hiking, I'll do anything with good company.

The person with whom I’d most like to share a flight of ice cream is….

My sister! We somehow survived being picky eaters are both now very adventurous, so we love trying lots of new things. Unfortunately she is now lactose intolerant, but very fortunately Wild Scoops has lots of tasty dairy-free flavors!

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