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February Adventure Club

As a collection, we’re calling this collection “South x Northwest,” or, informally, “Eat Your Veggies, Y’All.”


Sweet Papa

An ice cream funded by one of the most tender, vitamin-rich, and mouth-watering of garden jewels. Pinches of nutmeg and allspice underline the dulcet, earthy embrace of roasted sweet potatoes. Nestled into this tuberific base are homemade graham cracker morsels and a frozen cache of dark chocolate fleck, all adding up to a flavor both sophisticated and scrumptious. Sweet Papa will have you eating your vegetables and screaming for seconds!

Corn to be Wild

(We had so much fun with corn last time that we brought it back this month in a very different iteration!)

Sweet corn is a beautiful reminder of summer during the month of February, when we're far enough through winter to be ready for warmer weather but still a ways off from spring. For this flavor, we blended sweet corn into the base, giving the ice cream the subtle sweet taste of corn at a summer cookout and the yellow glow of returning sunlight. As a nod to the place that corn has in Southern cuisine, we've added a swirl of “Bootleggers and Baptists” peach whiskey jam from VooDoo Jams, featuring moonshine whiskey from Anchorage Distillery. VooDoo Jams is a local artisan food company specializing in sweet and sassy spirit-infused jams. We love collaborating with them!


Bonus: Sweet Tea Popsicle

If you’ve spent time in the American South, you’re probably familiar with sweet tea, the refreshing, ubiquitous drink of choice that not only pops up on kitchen tables and menus but also holds a spot of honor in Southern culture. Close your eyes and let this popsicle transport you to a warm, front porch, lazy evening happy place.

For black tea, we used an Assam House Blend from Summit Spice & Tea, sweetened with cane sugar. We candied fresh lemons, and you’ll find a small morsel inside each pop. We think the bitterness of the rind and the hint of acidity from the flesh pairs well with the overall sweetness of the pop.

Read more sweet tea history and culture here:

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