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Olympic Scoop Loop this Tuesday!

Join local Olympian, and Wild Scoops' supported athlete, Rosie Frankowski, at the Scoop Loop 5k Run or Walk! This is an untimed, non-race, social run, to enjoy the summer weather, get some exercise, meet new friends, and, of course, enjoy some ice cream! Meet at the corner of 10th and E Street at 5pm to join the group. The run will then head towards West Chester lagoon to meet up with the Coastal Trail all the way around Elderberry Park, towards Ship Creek, and finally into downtown, ending at the Scoop Shop! All participants will receive a sticker at the end, which will give you $1 off of a cone from Wild Scoops! Map will be posted to this event page a week before, and we will also have printed maps available at the meeting spot. Please stay on sidewalks and far side of the road when running--no jaywalking! Be courteous to other trail users and limit the space you take up on the trails/roads. This is not a closed course, and there is no police control. Come out and join the community!

Words from Rosie:

I moved up to Anchorage in 2014 to ski for APU Nordic Ski Center, and I was overwhelmed by the strong sense of community I found here amongst athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and local businesses. After four years of a lot of hard work, some great coaching, and an amazing team of girls to learn from, I made the 2018 Olympic Team and competed in the 30k classic mass start in South Korea. It was a whirlwind of an experience, with all my expectations thrown out the window for what occurs at the World’s most prestigious sporting event.

One of the coolest things about representing Team USA was the outpouring of support from my community back home, both my hometown of Minneapolis, and my home now in Anchorage. I received hand written letters, emails, social media messages, interview requests, and a lot of familiar faces who traveled to Korea to watch the Games. It was incredible.

Shortly after I returned to my regular season racing, I reached out to Wild Scoops to see if we could partner to support my ski racing and training, and bring another element to Wild Scoops’ community engagement. I have followed and loved Wild Scoops since its creation a couple years ago, and was so excited to see its growing popularity throughout Alaska.

My favorite thing about Wild Scoops is how the ice cream flavors, ingredients and events are community driven. The owners are young, energetic and deeply involved throughout the local community.

One of our ideas through our partnership was to create a fun, new event that could link our adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors—from both me personally, and the company, with the main objective: eating ice cream! Through this, the Scoop Loop was born, and we hope that you come out this Tuesday, rain or shine like true Alaskans, and run or walk, enjoying some local ice cream with friends!

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