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There's something entirely glorious about eating an ice cream sandwich. There's the combination of licking and munching, the interplay of textures, the simple tactile experience of it all.

Last week, we unrolled the first of our sandwiches: the Alaskan Classic. It starts with homemade chocolate chip cookies, flat and chewy.

We make the dough and scoop tons of these at a time. Right after they pop out of the oven, we sprinkle them with Alaska Pure Sea Salt flakes. We love Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co and try to use their amazing flake salt whenever we can. I first learned about their product last fall, and got the in-depth story while writing an article about them earlier this spring. The flakes are totally perfect for finishing the cookies, balancing out the sweetness and giving them that little special something.

We sandwich vanilla ice cream between the cookies and voila!

We recently created a second sandwich: the Chocolate Coconut Macaron ice cream sandwich. We start with two oversized chocolate macarons from Sweet Caribou. We top it with some chocolate coconut dairy-free 'ice cream,' and roll the whole thing in organic cacao nibs. It happens to be gluten-free and dairy-free, but it's delicious for everybody.

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