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Rhubarb extravaganza

We're pretty enamored with rhubarb right now. We've made it through our 50 lbs we traded for earlier this summer, and we're still receiving more harvests and finding things to do with them. Rhubarb grows ridiculously well up here and it's a fun Alaskan game to make use of it in fun ways. I had a great rhubarb potato salad the other day, and today's market Chef Demo was delicious rhubarb salsa.

Our rhubarb crumble ice cream features a rhubarb compote in a lightly spiced base, with oaty streusel mixed in. Think rhubarb crumble married vanilla ice cream and had a little baby with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg confetti at the baby shower.

We unveiled a rhubarb sherbet last week that is tart and delightful (see photo above), and the rhubarb pomegranate sorbet is similarly pucker-worthy.

If you haven't tried the ice cream incarnation of Alaskan rhubarb, make your way to one of our selling locations to give it a whirl!

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