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Selling Saturdays, South Anchorage Farmers Market

We're legal! Minis and pints will be for sale at the South Anchorage Farmers Market on Saturdays, from 9-2. Flavors will rotate weekly, though we'll bring back favorites for repeat weeks. There will always be some Classic Vanilla and at least one vegan flavor.

After a flurry of finalizing logistics, purchasing essentials and arts-and-crafting a banner, we made our debut appearance at the market yesterday. Hot hot hot weather (Anchorage standards), and beautiful sunshine made it a great kick-off. Opening flavors: Arctic Rose, Bridge Creek Birch Swirl, Xtra Tof (Cafe del Mundo coffee, fudge swirl, toffee pieces), Kincaid Cocoa-nut (vegan chocolate coconut), Chocolate, Classic Vanilla.

Off to work preparing flavors for next week! Stay tuned.

Our booth before the market began.

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