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Welcome to the Wild Scoops Blog

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Welcome to the Wild Scoops blog, the storytelling behind our Anchorage-based homemade ice cream company.

It’s important to create a stellar product but we also care about building community and holding tight to our values of social and environmental responsibility. Whenever possible, we like to feature local ingredients, everything from herbs, berries, vegetables, spices, teas, coffee, honey, beer and chocolate.

To sell legally, we have a bit of a journey ahead of us. But the forms are being filled, the regulations are being heeded and the connections are being made. In the meantime, we’re continuing to concoct flavors that delight and intrigue the palate. Our flavors are fresh and seasonal, inspired by our Alaskan surroundings.

We’ll be documenting the ice cream process through words, cartoons and photos on this blog. We’ll continue to create new flavors and tell the stories behind them. While we can’t officially sell you anything just yet, keep tuned about how to enter to win free give-away pints.

We plan to be mobile this first summer, appearing at farmers’ markets and at local green spaces. We’ll post our locations online, so don’t forget to “like” the Wild Scoops Facebook page and follow “wildscoops” on Instagram. Sign up for our email listserve (under “Contact Us”) to receive information about pre-ordering pints or joining the Ice Cream Adventure Club.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure, and we look forward to scooping (legally) soon.


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