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The Perfect Pairing: A Guide to Matching Ice Cream with La Bodega Drinks for Valentine's Day

We love a pairing - and there's something special about combining ice cream with a tasty beverage! We invited La Bodega's lovely staff to taste some of our February flavors and they put on their thinking caps to find beverages to accompany them. We think these pairings are such fun dessert ideas for Valentine's Day (or any day!).

Here are some of their recommendations ~ which would you choose?

Kenna paired AK Honeycomb with Razzery, a semi-sweet mead from Alaska Meadery

Patrick chose Convict Soiree, a sour from Devil's Club Brewing Co. to complement the tart and fruity Wildberry Cheesecake

Jacob matched Dark Chocolate Sorbet with a Creme de Framboise from G.E. Massenez

Gabe coupled Rose Mochi with this non-alcoholic Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Brewery

Looking for something different? Pick out a pint of your choice and then take it over to La Bodega and their super knowledgeable staff will help you find its perfect match!


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