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Super Scoops - donating ice cream to healthcare providers & first responders

Now introducing our SUPER SCOOPS program!

We’re so grateful for the work of healthcare providers and first responders in keeping our community healthy and safe. We’d like to say thanks and brighten some long workdays... and what better than ice cream to help spread happiness?

You can help sponsor scoops of ice cream to treat the hardworking healthcare staff and first responders of Anchorage. We are discounting pre-packaged “Super Scoops” (to $3) to share as much frozen joy as we can. We will be delivering the scoop bundles to facilities around town weekly.

Help contribute at under the Everything Else section!

Super Scoops cannot be purchased for specific people or friends at this time but we are accepting nominations for organizations and teams to receive the donations.

Email recommendations to


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