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Senior Project: Cloudberry Cheesecake

Long before this coronavirus craziness began, one of our high school senior employees, Anya, worked with us as part of her senior project. Her goal was to learn all about the ice cream production process, and ultimately create and market a flavor of her own.

After many months, Cloudberry Cheesecake was born! We all love this flavor, and you can buy it in take-out pints at our Midtown Scoop Shop. (Call 907-744-7295 between 12 and 9p if you'd like curbside delivery!)

Here's what she writes about the process:

"Before I started drafting a flavor I had to learn my way around the Wild Scoops test kitchen. I started by working two shifts a week as a kitchen assistant and watching experienced staff members churn ice creams. Over a couple months I learned how to mix an ice cream base, churn, add chunks and jams to a finished ice cream, and format an ice cream recipe.

       Once I decided on cloudberry cheesecake, I created a tentative recipe and started making test batches. Before it was finished, my recipe had undergone several rounds of drafting and editing. Finally, it was time to make a full batch! I started by immersion blending the goat cheese into the base, baking a cinnamon graham cracker crust, and straining the seeds out of the cloudberry jam. Then, with the help from Wild Scoops Production Lead Ben Peterson, I churned my goat cheese base, extracted it, added the graham cracker chunks and swirled in the jam.

       The process was extremely rewarding and super fun! A couple months ago I knew nothing about ice cream making. Now, not only have I learned how to make a basic ice cream flavor, but I have created my own! After putting those kitchen hours in, I feel accomplished coming out having something that is my own to show for it. This summer I intend to continue working in the kitchen, an opportunity I may never have explored had it not been for this senior project!"


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