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May 2024 Voyage Flavors

Vegan Banana PB Cup

Banana coconut base + homemade vegan peanut butter cups (vegan)

Our dairy Banana Peanut Butter Cup ice cream is one of our most popular flavors, so we really wanted to perfect a vegan version! One of our veteran churners, Dan, whipped up some trials of pureeing banana into our coconut base and our oat milk base and we were surprised to find that the majority of our Test Kitchen preferred the coconut option. The flavor is rich and creamy with tropical vibes, and banana-coconut is a common pairing, so we thought it worked well!

For our homemade peanut butter cups, we tweaked our existing recipe to use vegan ingredient substitutions, slathered the whole thing with chocolate, and chopped into pieces to add to the banana coconut ice cream after extracting it from the machine.

Allergens: coconut, peanut, soy

Bonus: Sailor’s Delight sorbet mini cup

A sweet earthy blend of beet and orange juices (vegan)

The bright pink color of this sorbet will rock your socks, and may tip you off that beets are involved! But don’t be scared, we paired the beet with an approachable citrus touch and this dairy-free sorbet has a lot of fans in our Test Kitchen. We hope you love it as well! Here are some production notes from the flavor developer, Anastasia:

For this flavor, I was inspired by a salad recipe I found in the much beloved book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat. When we’re developing flavors in the thick of winter, I’m always looking forward to creating something both warm and bright with a slightly savory flavor profile. The vibrant and earthy beet juice wonderfully complements the bitter sweetness of blood orange, leaving you with a refreshing aftertaste. The most difficult part about creating this flavor was figuring out the perfect ratio of beet juice to blood orange juice, as beet can be quite an overpowering note, and a little bit of blood orange goes a long way, but thanks to constructive input from rest of our kitchen team we settled on a beautifully balanced recipe. I hope you enjoy this fun and funky flavor!”

Allergens: none

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Alyssa Kocienda
Alyssa Kocienda
May 14

Wild scoops is the best scoops!

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