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How to Celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Updated: Jan 28

1. Try our Specialty Flavor, Ice Cream for Breakfast!:

Wake up to a bowl of sunshine! We're whipping up a batch of our limited-edition Ice Cream for Breakfast flavor, featuring a maple base with our toffee-coated waffle cone bits. We'll have this one in pints and scoops starting 2/1

2. Chomp into our New Cereal Treat "(Ice Cream for) Breakfast Bars":

Cereal just got a serious upgrade! Introducing our Ice Cream for Breakfast Bars, where we make crunchy/chewy treats out of some of our favorite cereals, use them to sandwich complementary ice cream, and top with a chocolate drizzle. Breakfast of champions? We think so. First-come first-serve will be limited, so pre-order yours to reserve one!

3. Ice Cream as your Milk/Sweetener in Coffee:

Skip the cream, embrace the scoop! Start your day with a decadent twist on your morning coffee. Swap your usual milk and sweetener for a spoonful of Wild Scoops. Choose a flavor that complements your coffee, like vanilla for a classic latte or chocolate for a mocha twist.

4. Pints in Pajamas:

Stock up on your favorite pints ahead of time so you can celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day with a cozy morning feast. Gather your friends and family, put on your PJs, and dig into a pint (or two!) of your favorite ice cream. Top it off with fresh fruit, whipped cream, or even a sprinkle of cereal for a breakfast sundae masterpiece. Bonus points if you have one of our waffle cone-scented candles from Alaska Wicks Candle Co.

5. Waffle Cone at the Scoop Shop:

We think our freshly-made waffle cones are amazing any day, but with their light cinnamon and star anise spicing, they are totally perfect on Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. It's the ideal way to combine breakfast and dessert in one delicious treat.


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