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Artist Spotlight: Mountain Woman Studio

We are so excited to welcome the very talented one-woman show of Jade Wood, the artist behind Mountain Woman Studio!

Jade is an avid skier with a taste for Rhubarb Crumble, who grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. This local artist has been painting murals since 2015 and has been making prints and painting denim since 2017. Jade graduated with a Graphic Design degree from Montana State University in 2019 and is now a full time artist, inspired by the time she spends in the backcountry.

All of the paint used in Mountain Woman Studio’s pieces is acrylic based. The paint used on the clothing is fabric paint (washable without damage) and acrylic paint is also used on the wood panels and the vintage skis that the artist has collected.

Jade started painting denim 5 years ago when she was in college—it all started as an art project with a friend to make matching sunflower overalls. The painted skis are one of her newest projects, a true Alaskan creation! Jade has always enjoyed painting skis for herself and her friends in the past, but inspiration to add skis to her most current collection started after finding a few pairs of old wooden skis in her grandma’s shed.

This collection will be up through March and April at the Midtown Scoop Shop. Everything for sale is painted or printed by hand by the artist, including all of the apparel which is screen printed. If you are looking to commission a painting, the artist paints clothing (typically denim), fences, doors, indoor and outdoor walls, and outdoor wooden furniture. Jade is always looking for new projects and is currently taking commissions.

You can view the gallery of this collection on Jade’s website: You can reach out via his website or via instagram to purchase: @mtn.womanstudio.


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