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Artist Spotlight: Hailey Morgan 2022

We are thrilled to welcome Hailey Morgan back for her second year at the Midtown Art Wall! Her wild Alaskan Yetis bring such a bright spirit to the shop. We hope you’ll stop in to check them out all month long and read on for more about her work and process.

Hailey strives to evoke joy and wonder through her whimsical watercolor and ink art. “I draw inspiration from the wild places of Alaska and an active imagination,” she explained.

Hailey is a self-taught artist who calls Alaska home after moving north from the Pacific Northwest 8 years ago. She left the world of education to become a full-time artist and mama. “Themes of family and nurturing depicted through Alaskan Yetis, animals and landscapes are prevalent throughout my work,” she said. When she is not making art, you can find her enjoying the bounty of the Alaskan outdoors through biking, hiking and skiing, cuddling her kiddo or reading a good book.

A Yeti is a prevalent theme throughout much of her work and the pieces that are on display at our shop. It is a monster born from her imagination. “The Alaska Yeti was born in the mountains of Alaska. They now have a thriving community in all the wild places of Alaska. The AK Yeti loves exploring the great outdoors with friends and family on bikes, kayaks, snowboards, skis and more.”

Hailey’s favorite Wild Scoops flavor is Sweeter Than Dirt and the AK Yeti will cross any mountain range for a taste of Yukon Gold.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, email You can find more of Hailey’s work on Facebook and Instagram: @artbyhaileymorgan or on her website:


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