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Artist Spotlight: Flora & Floof

We are so excited to welcome back the queen of pom poms, Lauren Robertson of Pom Pom Print, in collaboration with local multi-medium artist Mackenzie Hurd of Tiny Chasm. This magical duo is excited to bring you this fresh, new, and absolutely magical collaboration titled “Flora & Floof.”

Flora & Floof features a collection of whimsical wall hangings that invite you to contemplate your relationship with nature and cherish the colorful memories you have woven into the land. This joint display of local artistry is a positively colorful welcome to Alaskan summer and we can’t wait for you to experience it!

Pom Pom Print is a creative endeavor by Lauren Roberts, who makes pom pom decor and wearables as well as hand-drawn prints. All of the pom poms are made from various types of yarn and “every single one by hand, wrapping all the yarn and trimming them down to size.”

Lauren started Pom Pom Print amidst the Covid pandemic, in late 2020. “Because my typical work rhythms changed so much and we (as a community) weren't socializing as much, I had an abundance of free time,” she explained. “So I turned to crafting to fill the void. And then my little entrepreneurial brain took over and voila! Pom Pom Print was born.”

Mackenzie Hurd, who goes by the pseudonym of Tiny Chasm, often finds herself roaming through the woods to find the perfect fern to press in between the pages of a book. Or venturing into the mountains to admire the tundra. With equal parts amazement and reverence, she creates her art to mirror the beauty that surrounds her. Tiny Chasm creates absolutely unique Alaskan inspired art with hand-dried botanicals and other foraged treasures—from resin vases to tables, to earrings…and now, pom pom collaborations!

It is only fitting that Lauren’s favorite Wild Scoops’s ice cream flavor is Sunshine Club and Mackenzie's is This Pretty Planet. Similar to their favorite flavors, these two nature-inspired artists have created a treat you won’t want to miss!

The duo will be at Midtown in celebration of First Friday festivities from 6pm-10pm with exclusive pieces on display and for sale, in addition to the works already on display in the shop.


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