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Artist Spotlight: Chugiak Elementary School

For the month of October, we have welcomed the art students of Chugiak Elementary School back to our shop. When we first opened our Midtown shop, this art class graced our walls with their ice cream themed pieces and now they are back again!

These pieces were created by the 2nd-5th grade art students under the guidance of their art teacher, Mrs. Turner. She explained, “Students were inspired by Wild Scoops’ Alaskan flavors. We discussed things they might be able to forage and use in their ice cream creations and what cool garnishes they could use, such as moose cookies or fresh blueberries.” All of the pieces were created with construction paper and glue.

They had only 40 minutes to create their pieces and had many dreams of Wild Scoops having another ice cream flavor contest one day. As they were creating, there were mumblings of some of their Wild Scoops favorites, Yukon Gold and the marshmallow topping of Baked Alaska cones.

We would love for you to stop by and see these colorful creations while enjoying your favorite Wild Scoops flavor. We hope it encourages you to be creative with food art and try a new recipe or flavor.


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