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Artist Spotlight: Becky Stephan

We are kicking off fall with a new artist at our Midtown shop, Becky Stephan. Her artwork will be up for all of September, so stop in and check it out!

Becky was born and raised in Anchorage. Her interest in art began from a young age, as she grew up in a home with artwork by many famous artists, like Norman Rockwell and Aldo Luongo. This environment inspired her “to to delve into the science of color and composition as well as the beauty of eliciting emotions with her work.”

Becky explained that her purpose in making art is simply to have fun. She aspires to combine color, composition, and design elements to captivate the viewer and cause them to have fun as well. For this collection, she used encaustics, which is a hot wax medium, with a beeswax base, and then pigments mixed in. “It allows for a lot of movement and a necessary release of the medium to do as it will (as in life) but then I must respond with beauty and just the right amount of control and release (as in life)!”

Some of Becky’s favorite activities in Alaska include climbing the North Face of Mt. Alyeska and then heading over for a sweet roll from The Bake Shop. She also enjoys downtown Anchorage, which is where she works, at her art gallery (Stephan Fine Arts), which you can find inside the Captain Cook Hotel.

Becky is also a speech pathologist, which allows her to use her analytical side, while her art allows her to exercise her creative side. Her favorite Wild Scoops flavor is Fruity Pebbles.

“Sometimes the best approach to life is letting life lead you - rather than trying to control every aspect - just like making art.”

Check out her website here:

Check back in October to see which local artist we feature next! And contact us at if you are a local artist who would like to display artwork!


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