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Artist Spotlight: Arctic Haven

We are excited to welcome Anna and Kelly of Arctic Haven for their first show at Wild Scoops! They are a sister duo who grew up in Alaska. They spent several years living immersed in the wilderness, in “the bush” of Alaska. As they describe their dynamic: “Anna is the artist who works in multiple different mediums while Kelly keeps an eye on the business side of things.” When they both left Alaska for college, they realized how rare Alaskan life is with all its “beauty and ruggedness.” These feelings are what fueled the idea for Arctic Haven Studio.

“Our display features several sets inspired by Alaskan life, as well as the first design in our upcoming marine mammal set. Our most recent set, The Loons of Memory Lake, is inspired by the tranquility and gracefulness of the resident loons of the lake our parents live on.” They strive to communicate the personality and uniqueness of Alaskan wildlife while using their art to connect others with it and each other. Each piece is made by hand-cut pieces of paper, layered together for dimension. Each piece in this collection has several hundred pieces and took an average of 65 hours to assemble.

Anna is a biologist by trade, so the back of every note card features a fun fact about the animal on the front to educate recipients about some things that make Alaskan animals so intriguing. If you treat yourself to some notecards, get ready to learn something as you write!

Anna and Kelly integrate sustainability practices into every step of the process possible, even when it isn’t as cost-effective or efficient. They welcome feedback on what you’d like to see their art printed on next!

Their favorite Wild Scoops flavor is Tart Rhubarb. You can stop in and enjoy a cone and their art all August at our Midtown shop! If you’re interested in purchasing a piece, you can email them at or head to their website:


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