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Artist Profile: Hailey Morgan (July-Aug 2024)

Welcome Hailey Morgan to our Midtown Art Wall!

Hailey Morgan’s Grow & Bloom collection has graced the Art Wall! Her whimsical pieces capture playful personalities and Alaskan landscapes in vibrant colors and patterns. We hope you’ll check it out the next time you visit the Midtown Scoop Shop!

We caught up with Hailey for some Q&A:

Tell us about what inspired the pieces for this collection?

This is the Grow and Bloom Collection. I first started making it in the first couple months of my pregnancy - so while it’s not about pregnancy it is inspired by the themes of growth and change. The pieces all reflect on the question - what do we lean on to help us grow? It’s a very playful collection inspired by nature!

Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist?

I’m a full-time, self-taught artist. I work mainly in watercolor and ink. I’m very inspired by Alaska - it is such an inspiring place and it connects a lot of people, whether they are visiting or live here. 

What else would you like to share about your process, drive, or artistic journey?

I’m very inspired by spending time outdoors in nature. 

Favorite Wild Scoops flavor?

Sweeter than Dirt! It’s so good!

How can we follow your art? 

At my website: or on Instagram or Facebook @artbyhaileymorgan

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Jul 08

It's fascinating to learn more about Hailey's inspiration behind the collection. The themes of growth and change, as well as the question of what supports our growth, provide a thought-provoking foundation for her artwork. It's lovely to hear that nature serves as a significant inspiration for her playful creations. tunnel rush

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