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5th Annual Lead Dogs of Wild Scoops Competition

With the Iditarod right around the corner, we are once again doing our Lead Dog of Wild Scoops competition! This year, again, all the voting will be done over virtually on our Instagram account, in a bracket format. We will accept photos through March 4th.

Have a pup you want to enter in the running for our Dog Team? Send us a photo of your dog with Wild Scoops ice cream, or in/with Wild Scoops merchandise via Instagram. You can tag us with @wildscoops and #leaddogsofwildscoops and/or send a direct message. Include their name and a photo caption to be posted with their photo. [Submission implies authorization for pup's photo to be reposted online in the context of the Lead Dog competition.] We will be having a "team" of 10 dogs that will be voted on in a single-elimination instagram bracket March 6-12th.

The winning dog will get their choice of neck buff or doggy t-shirt along with 4 cone cards to share with their human, plus all the fame and glory of being The Lead Dog of Wild Scoops!


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