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Hot Drinks in the House!

Brr... it's getting cold around here -- of course, never too cold for ice cream...but sometimes it's nice to have hot drinks as well!

We've just brought hot drinks to our Midtown location and we can't wait for you to come by and try them!

We have some seasonal specials that will run through the end of the month -- like our house-mulled apple cider, and our apple cider caramel latte/steamer (made with fresh apple cider caramel that was made from AK apples!) Top it off with some freshly whipped cream and ground cinnamon for a taste of fall with every sip!

The Baked Alaska Affogato is a true treat -- we "drown" a scoop of your favorite ice cream (can't go wrong with vanilla) with fresh espresso, top it with our homemade marshmallow fluff, torch it, and serve it with a waffle cone chip. Wow!

We also have our super-rich European style drinking chocolate in two varieties -- royal (smooth, classic) and rogue (spicy!).

At our Downtown shop, you can delight in our hot cocoa from Summit Spice & Tea, or even a cocoa float!

We know that the first snowfall is right around the corner, but you can always count on cheery brightness in our shops!

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