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S'more Wild

Wild places, foraged flavors, love of our landscape, a sense of home - these are the things that we value as Alaskans. Great Land Trust (GLT), a local nonprofit founded by Alaskans in 1995, works to protect the special places that make our Alaskan way of life possible. Whether it’s through creating new public parks, conserving historic homesteads, or protecting our beloved salmon streams, GLT’s work reflects the breadth of Alaska’s varied landscapes and the depth of our commitment to the Alaskan way of life.

Great Land Trust partners with landowners, local governments, other non-profits, and local businesses to make their projects happen. When they first reached out to us about doing a flavor collaboration, we realized that we shared many of the same values. Our ice cream is all about a sense of place and a love for Alaska and all its wild glory. When we thought of sharing time with friends and family in the great outdoors, our mind went right to s’mores around a campfire!

S’more Wild combines a toasted marshmallow base with chunks of homemade honey graham crackers and chocolate ganache made with Chugach Chocolate. We’re wild for this flavor! It reminds us of summer nights spent around a campfire with friends and family, enjoying the sounds of a river running nearby, a belly full of freshly caught fish, and the crisp mountain air. This is Alaskan summer at its best!

In creating this flavor, we hope to raise awareness of Great Land Trust and the work they do to ensure that we can continue to have happy moments like these in the places we love, now and for future generations.

To learn more about Great Land Trust, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @greatlandtrust.

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