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April Adventure Club

This month’s flavor line-up all follows the same conceptual theme of Pizza Party. We got to collaborate with three new partners, which is always really fun for us. We hope that we can do more flavors with them!

*** Bruschetta Believe It! ***

An ice cream that tastes like pizza?! At Wild Scoops, we like to toy with other food concepts and see how we can best bring them to life in ice creams. For this flavor, we made a sweet tomato jam from fresh tomatoes and some unique spices (including ginger). We bought some Parmigiano Reggiano from Fromagio’s, a local cheese shop where we used to do pop-up sales during our first year of business. We baked a layer shredded parmesan in the oven until it crisped up, and then added little bits to a sweet cream base along with the tomato jam. This sweet and savory flavor bursts with different intense notes and is sure to intrigue your palate.

*** Moose’s Tooth Root Beer ***

We met up with Broken Tooth Brewing’s head brewer to obtain a highly concentrated, unsweetened, non-carbonated form of their famous homemade root beer. When we added this to our classic ice cream base, it tasted like the most delicious root beer float around! We topped each pint with a swipe of our homemade marshmallow fluff to mimic root beer’s foam.

*Bonus Treat*

*** Mushroom Meringue Sandwich ***

Our lead baker, Mariel, had been wanting to make meringues for a while, and this month was the perfect opportunity to bring them out! She suggested pairing it with mushrooms, so we steeped a mix of shiitake and “black fungus” (Auricularia sp.), then added some chaga harvested by local mushroom company Far North Fungi! Chaga is a wild mushroom that grows on trees, notably birch.

You can taste the earthiness of the shiitake and the chocolatey notes of chaga. We love how the meringue cookies look like little mushroom tops themselves, and the light cocoa powder inside complements the chaga. In honor of Earth Day, we hope you like this down-to-earth, literally-from-the-dirt flavor!

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