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I've got the blues

The hill behind our house is covered with wild blueberries, and as the summer months went on, we watched them get closer and closer to ripe perfection.

Many Alaskans take berry-picking quite seriously -- there is such an abundance of all sorts of wild berries, and if you gather a lot in summer, it keeps your long winter a little cheerier! People collect blueberries, low-bush cranberries, high-bush cranberries, raspberries, currants and salmonberries. Crowberries and watermelonberries are nice for nibbling on-trail (at least I like to!).

A few weeks ago, we received a large supply of wild Alaskan blueberries. Hurray! Since then, these local berries have made appearances in flavors nearly every week.

The Alaskan Blueberry flavor is the most simple and delightful, but the Blueberry Balsamic has just the right tangy complement. The Blueberry Chocolate Cookie sandwiches went fast!

This is one time it feels great to have the blues.

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