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Hot drinks, cold cream

This week features some of our favorite hot drinks in ice cream form -- it is September now, after all (and, hence, snow is just around the corner).

For starters, we have Early Bird, an Earl Grey tea ice cream with a local black currant swirl. This tea and all our others come from our local tea and spice shop, Summit Spice & Tea. Here's their cool Wall of Teas!



For coffee, we turned to Black Cup/Cafe del Mundo, an excellent roastery that sources high quality beans from around the globe. Earlier this summer, Chris and I toured the facility and participated in a coffee cupping to sample some of the single-origin roasts.


We took home some beans and espresso and returned a week later with our own taste test: four different coffee ice creams made with different techniques and concentrations.

We brought you Black Cup Coffee last month and this month we have something even more intense: Black Cup Affogato (#4 in the picture above, if you were curious). It is fudgey, rich and bursting with espresso taste. Consider this a caffeine warning. In other words, this would be a perfect way to start your Saturday!

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