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Bikes Cream

We're always excited when we can merge our love of ice cream with our other passions -- like biking! Today we hosted the Bike Anchorage community ride for the first stop on their community Wednesday ride. This week's theme was "Foodie Tour" -- quite appropriate! Plus, it was a great way to expose the riders to the APU Farmers Market, a little-known gem in the Anchorage foodosphere.

Bike Anchorage is our city's largest bicycle advocacy organization, and they also emphasize education, encouragement and simply building a sense of community around the diverse bicyclists of our area. According to their website:

"Our mission is to make Anchorage bicycle-friendly by creating a vibrant, livable and healthy city where it is safe and practical to go by bike. We are advocates for safe routes through the city, recreational riders who care about our trails, bike commuters and so much more. Our mission remains the same - to make Anchorage more bicycle-friendly. A bicycle-friendly city is one where it is safe and convenient to go by bike. Bike Anchorage will continue to work towards this end."

After sharing in two sampler pints of Wild Scoops ice cream (The Rockhopper = chocolate ice cream + caramel + toasted almonds, and Sweet Corn & Raspberry), the riders adorned their helmets, bikes and bottles with Wild Scoops stickers and hit the road for their next stop, a midtown chocolate lounge.

Thanks to our friend, the talented Charlotte Foley for coordinating and leading the ride! Way to go!

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