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May 2024 Club Flavors

Pineapple Guava Twist 

A swirl of pineapple and guava sherbets

This is the closest you can get to the tropics without leaving Alaska and we are IN LOVE with this fruity flavor! We played around with sherbets, which are typically made by a combination of fruit juice and cream (sometimes with added egg white or gelatin to stabilize, but our recipe uses neither). We are able to really amp up the fruity flavor, and we use a similar technique to make our popular Tart Rhubarb flavor.

This flavor was also a fun team collaboration as we debated which fruits to swirl together! (Other contenders were Blood Orange, Pomegranate and Orange.) The final elements were perfected by Andrea (pineapple) and Jacob (guava).  

We hand-pack pints by layering in scoops of each flavor for a perfect mix of each. If you cut your pint in half,  you would see a cool marble effect (not that we are recommending this!)

Read more about the difference between sorbet and sherbet.

Allergens: milk

Coconut Cookie Butter (v)

Coconut Biscoff base + Biscoff cookie pieces

This flavor first debuted a few weeks ago for our vegan Voyage (the plant-based sibling of Adventure Club) but we thought it was so amazing on its own accord that it deserved to be shared with Club members as well, even fervent dairy-lovers.

We sourced some giant bags of Biscoff cookies to recreate a beloved cookie butter flavor of ours from about 6 years ago. You might know Lotus Biscoff cookies as either an airline snack or a spreadable cookie butter treat. When we realized that the cookies were vegan, it seemed too amazing to not make a dairy-free flavor out of them! We were interested in trying this in both our oat milk base as well as our coconut base, but when Production Lead Morgen adapted our dairy recipe to work with coconut milk, we fell in love with it! The cookies blend perfectly into the base in a delightfully creamy way, and then we sprinkle in more cookies after churning for a bit of soft texture. 

Allergens: coconut, soy, wheat

Bonus: Sailor’s Delight

A sweet earthy blend of beet and orange juices (vegan)

The bright pink color of this sorbet will rock your socks, and may tip you off that beets are involved! But don’t be scared, we paired the beet with an approachable citrus touch and this dairy-free sorbet has a lot of fans in our Test Kitchen. We hope you love it as well! Here are some production notes from the flavor developer, Anastasia:

For this flavor, I was inspired by a salad recipe I found in the much beloved book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat. When we’re developing flavors in the thick of winter, I’m always looking forward to creating something both warm and bright with a slightly savory flavor profile. The vibrant and earthy beet juice wonderfully complements the bitter sweetness of blood orange, leaving you with a refreshing aftertaste. The most difficult part about creating this flavor was figuring out the perfect ratio of beet juice to blood orange juice, as beet can be quite an overpowering note, and a little bit of blood orange goes a long way, but thanks to constructive input from rest of our kitchen team we settled on a beautifully balanced recipe. I hope you enjoy this fun and funky flavor!”

Allergens: none

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Steele Nickle
Steele Nickle
May 20

If you cut your pint in half,  you would see a cool marble effect (not that we are recommending this!) geometry dash subzero

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