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Artist Spotlight: West High

We are overjoyed to welcome West High School art students to our art wall for the month of March. Art teacher Megan Henry curated and created the collection along with students from her art classes. “These pieces were inspired by the Wild Scoops flavors!" she explained. "With such unique combinations of flavors and super creative, fun names, it felt like there was a lot of material to work with. The flavor illustrations combine ice cream imagery and literal elements related to the flavor.”

All of the pieces started as a pencil sketch, then a contour line drawing was added on top with a permanent marker. “Once that was finished, embellishments were added with various pen and ink techniques such as hatching, stippling, and scumbling. After the drawings were done, watercolors added a finishing pop of color.”

Megan coincidentally worked at an ice cream shop as her first job and so this show seemed to be perfect for her and her students. Her go-to flavors are Sweeter than Dirt and Sunshine Club, but she really likes to try new things and loves the ice cream flights too!

The students voted on their favorite Wild Scoops flavors, and the results are below – the bigger the text, the more votes it received.

March is actually Art Youth Month, so we are happy to highlight the amazing art of these students this month! If you’d like to check out more artwork from Anchorage School District students, art will be on display at Anchorage Museum, 5th Avenue Mall, Midtown Mall, Eagle River Library, Loussac Library, and Muldoon Library March 4th-April 1st.

You can check out more art from West High students on their instagram: @westarthighak


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