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Artist Spotlight: Scott Spooner (2021)

We are so excited to welcome back our inaugural artist to Midtown for his third show! Scott Spooner is a Wild Scoops veteran, as we have enjoyed not just displaying his art in our shop, but also working with him on some merchandise designs that you may have seen throughout the shop over the past year.

While this collection may not visually look like a large departure from his previous collections, this collection is Scott’s first collection using oil paint. He still included his signature gold metal leaf, which has been a part of his previous landscape collections. The change from acrylic to oil paint was most apparent in the difference in drying time: oil takes much longer to fully dry! “This collection focuses a bit more on realism, and the change in medium facilitates that nicely,” Scott explained. The longer drying time allowed for more time to work in the details and blend more smoothly.

Scott hoped to capture special moments of light with these landscape pieces. He described, “Many of the paintings are based on a photo shoot that I had to wake up at 4:00 am for to hit the sunrise on the Glenn Highway. I noticed that the softness of the sunrise light seemed special and worth portraying.”

This collection will be up all July at the Midtown shop. For the first time, we have some of Scott’s prints available for purchase, as well as the pieces themselves.

You can view the gallery of this collection on Scott’s website: You can reach out via his website or via email to purchase:


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