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Artist Spotlight: Hope Studios (2021)

We are excited to welcome back Hope Studios for another month up at our Midtown Art Wall! We love their mission and the joy their work brings to the shop. Hope Studios launched in 1967 when Nancy, the founder, moved to Alaska from Florida. She recognized the need for care for children with developmental disabilities. When her family moved to Anchorage, they cared for 14 foster children and formed what is now Hope Community Resources, in 1968. Today, Hope works toward eliminating the waitlist for services in Anchorage.

The collection displayed at our shop is created by Hope participants with developmental disabilities. Hope Studios explains: “People within the community who experience an intellectual or developmental disability often do not have an avenue or opportunity to express themselves artistically. Therefore, the mission of Hope Studios is to provide artists of all abilities the space and opportunity to create while encouraging them to explore forms of self-expression through different mediums. We believe that it is possible to enhance the quality of your life through participation in the arts.”

The inspiration for this collection was summer, happiness, and repurposing found objects, such as rocks and twigs. As a canvas, the artists used wood panels, sanded and primed, painted with acrylic. They decorated it with rocks painted with gesso then painted with acrylic for more vibrancy. “Hope Studios embraces a collaborative process of self-expression. The studio allows for artists to explore individual interests by creating unique and varied opportunities. Each member works together, eventually incorporating the skills and talents of each artist into final pieces of work.”

The artistic process is a collaborative one at Hope Studios, which allows “the artists to become a part of the art culture in a competitive and marketable way that may eventually result in revenue for the artist and stability for the program.” We encourage you to check out this collection at our Midtown shop for the rest of December. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, you can reach out to Pedro at 907-290-4187.

You can check out more from Hope on Facebook @HopeCommunityResources.


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