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Artist Spotlight: Cory Lescher

We are excited to welcome Cory Lescher for his first show in our Midtown shop! His photographs will take you on a journey through Alaska, from mountains, to wildlife, to aurora. You can check out his work all January at our shop and read on for more details about this show and his creative journey.

Cory has lived in Alaska full-time for five years now and has owned his photography business for about two years. He has been taking photos long before he started his business as a way to document his travels and share the places that he has visited with family and friends. In regards to this collection, it was inspired by Alaska and Cory’s effort “to document its natural beauty and share with the rest of the world.” This current collection consists of all metal prints, but he has matted prints, canvases, and a variety of other items available on his website.

Some of Cory’s favorite spots in Alaska include the Aleutian Islands, Alaska and Kenai Peninsulas, Prince William Sound, Chugach and Wrangells, Denali National Park and the Brooks Range. His favorite Wild Scoops flavor is Black Cup Oreo.

One of the most inspiring parts of Cory’s artwork is his dedication to paying it forward and giving back to the community. Since the start of his business, Cory has donated half of all his proceeds to charities, non-profits, and those in need. Every month he selects a different organization, from “fire victims who've lost their homes, wildlife advocacy groups raising awareness for Alaska's wild places, or non-profits making a positive impact in people's lives.”

To purchase a print in this gallery, you can Venmo @Cory-Lescher or scan the QR code in the shop for payment. Contact him directly for more print options and custom orders or visit his website: You can check Cory out on Instagram as @c.lescher.7 and Facebook as @ Cory Lescher.

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John Smith
John Smith
6 days ago

I'm so glad to hear about Cory Lescher's first show at your Midtown shop! It's wonderful to hear about his dedication to capturing the natural beauty of Alaska and giving back to the community. By the way, have you heard about the time card calculator?

Me gusta
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