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The Savvy Ice Cream Lover's Guide to Avoiding Long Lines at Wild Scoops

Hey, Ice Cream Lover!

Yes, we know that summer brings a LONG line to the Wild Scoops downtown shop. It's a tiny storefront, the sun is shining, and lots of tourists want to try flavors like Spruce Tip and Birch Almond. Not to mention, everybody wants to get their fill of Baked Alaska cones and Frozen Nachos! Can't blame people for that.

When the line reaches the Fat Ptarmigan door, the wait is around half an hour. Our team usually comprises as many people as we can fit behind the counter, and we work cheerily and efficiently to keep the line moving while also letting the people in front try as many samples as they would like (our philosophy!) and not feel rushed.

Many customers enjoy the anticipation of waiting in line on a gorgeous day with friends and family. It's like waiting in a restaurant before your meal arrives -- it's a chance to be social and chat.

However, we know that lines annoy many people, on principle. And so, we bring you The Savvy Ice Cream Lover's Guide to Avoiding Long Lines at Wild Scoops!

1. If you just want a pint or pre-packed mini, you can find a great assortment (8-12 flavors) at La Bodega, Summit Spice & Tea, or Alyeska Resort.

2. You can buy our delicious AK Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches at Hearth Artisan Pizza and South Restaurant + Cafe, plus Alyeska Resort again.

3. Consider visiting our Test Kitchen Open Hours, 4-6:30pm, 636 E 15th Ave. It's a limited window (we need most of the week just to crank out enough ice cream!) but you can sample a bunch, and buy pints (usually 12-22 options) and sandwiches. Note: we do not scoop here.

4. Come to the Scoop Shop right at noon. Try a lunch ice cream date! The line is always short-moderate right when we open.

5. Come when it's raining. (Like the Wicked Witch of the West, many non-hard-core-ice-cream-lovers melt away when it's too wet, so you won't have to wait too long).

6. Visit us at a farmers market! We sell at the South Anchorage Farmers Market on Saturdays, 9-2p, and at the Airport Heights Farmers Market on Wednesdays, 3-7p. We scoop 6 delicious flavors of ice cream and often bring a few more in pint format. No waffle cones here, but yes to sugar cones and cups and live music and veggies and fun community vibes!

7. Don't forget about winter! Okay, so we're not telling you to avoid ice cream for the rest of peak summer ice cream season -- but do remember that we're open pretty much year-round so don't let the line make you swear off Wild Scoops forever! Come September and October, the lines die down dramatically and we bring out some fun and quirky autumnal flavors. In late September, we begin our frequent customer loyalty program and you get double points when it's below 32 degrees or actively snowing!

8. Bring a book or a friend, or strike up a conversation with the strangers in front of you. This tip is not necessarily a way to avoid the line, but rather, to enjoy it. Appreciate it as a sign of lots of others showing their love of ice cream and their support of a small, independent, locally handcrafted ice cream business. You'll be at the front of the line before you know it!

As always, we're grateful for all the support from our loyal customers! We always appreciate your patience, and we look forward to continuing to bring you adventurous and wildly delicious flavors!


Elissa & the Wild Scoops Team

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