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From Farmer's Markets to Scoop Shop!

We are so proud of our Farmer's Market roots -- we started with a rinky-dink little chest freezer at the South Anchorage Farmers Market in late May of 2015. We loaded it half-way full of pre-packed cups and pints, uncertain of how it would be received.

Here we are, trying to figure out our booth, the night before the first market:

From that first day on, we've been so grateful to receive the support from all you ice cream lovers in Anchorage and beyond.

We've learned so much about all aspects of running a small business, and we love being part of the foodie entrepreneur community in Alaska. We're always collaborating with other small businesses and farmers, and we are always learning!

From starting the business with just the two of us, to now employing over 20 awesome kitchen and scoop team members, it's been quite the journey!

Here's a fun Alaska Dispatch News article that talks about the ride:

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