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Valentine's Day Specials

We're opening our doors Valentine's Day afternoon for you to pick up all sorts of tasty frozen treats to share.

SANDWICHES: * Red Roses (Sweet Caribou - handcrafted in Alaska oversized red macarons + Arctic Rose ice cream + white chocolate) - $7 * Spicy Chocolate (Sweet Caribou oversized chocolate macs + spicy chocolate cinnamon cayenne ice cream + dark chocolate squiggle + cacao nibs) - $7 * AK Classic Heart (homemade chocolate chip cookies + vanilla ice cream + Alaska Pure Sea Salt flakes + chocolate heart) - $6

PIE: You're the Cone that I Want - Homemade graham crust, Madagascar vanilla ice cream, fresh-made whipped cream, AK Pure Sea Salt salted caramel drizzle, baby cone(s), scattering of Yukon Gold AK potato chip toffee. 9" diameter - $30

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