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Here Comes Fall

There comes a moment when it hits you that it's definitely not summer anymore. This year, it happened sometime mid-August, we shifted to fall mode...but then it got warm again and we were thrust back to summer. Can be confusing. Oh, Alaska.

But now it's mid-September, nearly the autumn equinox. IT IS FALL. We're actually thrilled about this. Some of the summer craziness has died down and it gives us a chance to unroll some cozy, delicious, spiced flavors.

Here are some of the offerings you might find this September and October:

- Here Comes Fall (sweet cream + handmade spiced apple caramel + handmade butterscotch cake bits)

- Fennel + Fig (with fresh fennel from Spring Creek Farm)

- Tundra Queen (AK lowbush cranberries + white chocolate)

- Pumpkin Gingerbread

- AK Carrot + Spiced Pecans

- Cinnamon Cookie

... and many more!

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