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Rooting for Rhubarb

We root for rhubarb!

It's one of the great Alaskan plants that pops up each year, begging to be made into jam, chutney, syrup, ICE CREAM, SORBET, SHERBET, fizzy drinks and more. This past week, the stalks were finally ready for their first harvest, and we trimmed ones from our own front lawn. Even more excitingly, we bartered for 50 lbs of fresh rhubarb, excellently harvested by the Leslie and the Bobo kids in Eagle River.

As I was picking up the bounty, Leslie casually mentioned that her mom maintains a rhubarb blog, "Rhubarb or Bust" Awesome! It's a resource dedicated to rhubarb producers, buyers and users in and around Alaska. Lots of great little tidbits there.

For our rhubarb ice cream debut, I made a lightly spiced sweet cream base (cinnamon + nutmeg), with rhubarb compote layered in between oaty streusel pieces. For sale on Saturday, 6/13, at the South Anchorage Farmers Market, 9-2.

Our other flavors:

- Spruce Tip - Redoubt's Revenge (spicy chocolate + cinnamon, cayenne, chocolate shards) - Mountain Chai (Summit Spice masala chai + toasted spiced almonds) - Kincaid Cocoa-Nut (rich chocolate coconut, vegan) - Classic Vanilla

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